We are committed to creating the best skin care products for babies and toddlers without the use of harsh chemicals, synthetic preservatives  and dyes. That’s why all of our ingredients are natural and as pure as your loving touch. With ingredients like bees wax, shea-butter, and lavender, one look at our label and you’ll see that everything that goes into our products is easy to pronounce and safe for your baby’s delica


For a specific question, please refer to individual FAQs tab for each product.

General FAQs may be the following:

  1. You are making products for babies. Can I use your products for my entire family? You don’t have to be a baby to enjoy the benefits of our other products such as diabetic relief balm, tic and bug repellent balm and many more. Our products are great for all ages. For a list of products, please refer to our products’ page (or go to SHOP).
  2. What makes Littles Skin Care different? First we use no synthetic preservatives. Secondly we use all natural products, bought from US distributors. Thirdly these are balms and contain no water. Creams and lotions in the market contain water. Those market products contain synthetic preservatives to prevent bacteria and mold from growing because of the presence of water in them. Besides customers pay mostly for water and not for the actual ingredients.
  3. Are Littles skincare products non-irritating? Our products have no synthetic preservatives such as parabens, phthalates and synthetic fragrance that could potentially cause an allergic reaction for those with sensitive skin (of your babies and for others of all ages)
  4. Are Littles Skin Care Products Petroleum Free? Absolutely. Reasons are many (source Google): First -they can’t be metabolized. They are the biggest human contaminants. Researchers have found them in woman’s milk. Petroleum/Mineral Oil might be carcinogenic. They are occlusive, meaning they seal off the skin from air and moisture or anything else getting in (or out). It is just like covering your skin with plastic film. When applied, they form an invisible film on the surface blocking pores and the skin’s natural respiration process. Blocked pores mean trapped dirt and oil leading to blackheads, pimples, whiteheads etc. They won’t nourish your skin. They are made from crude oil; the same substance gasoline comes from.
  5. Do you use preservatives? Yes, only natural preservatives.
  6. Is your butt butter diaper rash balm safe to use with cloth diapers? Our Diaper Rash balm uses all natural ingredients and is Petroleum Free.
  7. What ingredients you use in your products? Please refer to ingredients tab for each product.

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