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When diaper rash becomes a pain in the bottom, make our silky-soft cream your go-to for treating it. It’s designed to give your baby gentle but effective relief from painful irritation. No petroleum, no synthetic preservatives. Just all-natural ingredients, and a healing blend of Vitamins A, D & E. They not only treat irritated skin from an existing rash but help prevent future diaper rash flare-ups.

Smoothe a layer on your baby’s bottom create a barrier against moisture.  This reduces the chafing that can cause diaper rash. Our butter keeps wetness away, but there’s no petroleum- which can clog pores. Baby’s skin can still “breathe.” Ahhh…

It’s added protection for overnights when your baby’s skin is exposed to wetness for a longer period of time. Our butter keeps skin dry. And a sleeping baby that stays comfortable longer? That’s music to our ears.

Parents can sleep easy too because all-natural ingredients make our butter safe for everyday use. So keep it handy for every diaper change and make their bottom happy. Because your baby’s comfort is everything.

Available in Original or Nut-Oil Free

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At Littles, we are proud of what goes into our products- and proud of what we leave out. NO synthetic preservatives. NO petroleum. NO harmful irritants. Check our labels. You’ll only find easy to pronounce, all-natural ingredients.

Active Ingredient (s): Zinc Oxide

Inactive Ingredients: Avocado oil,  Cocoa-butter, Shea-butter, Bees wax, Castor oil, Cod liver oil, Coconut oil, Wheat germ oil, Lanolin, Almond oil, Grape-seed oil, Mixed-tocopherol, lavender

Active Ingredient (s): Zinc Oxide

Inactive Ingredients: Avocado oil,  Cocoa-butter, Shea-butter, Beeswax, Castor oil, Cod liver oil, Coconut oil, Wheat germ oil, Lanolin, Grape-seed oil, cedar-wood oil, Mixed-tocopherol and lavender

Apply liberally with each diaper change, especially at bed time or at any time when exposure to wet diaper may be prolonged.

Do not ingest. If ingested, call poison control center or go to nearest hospital or contact your physician. Do not contact with eyes.

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